๐Ÿ’— Lee Lee ๐Ÿ’—

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๐Ÿ’— Lee Lee ๐Ÿ’—

51 ratings

๐Ÿ’—Lee Lee๐Ÿ’—

$45 - If you wish to pay VIA PayPal contact me on discord - PeakReality#5481


๐Ÿ’—Toggles And Options๐Ÿ’—

Clothing: Jacket, Top, Bodysuit, Shorts, Socks, Pants, Shoes, Pasties, 3 Quarter pants

Armwear: Warmers, Fishnets, Jacket Arms

Jewellery: Hoops, Necklace

Headwear: Hat, Visor

Accessories: Bandana, Bag, Glasses, Better Abbs, Body Tattoo

Hair Options: Long Hair, Pony Tail, Front Fringe, Side Fringe, Hue Shift, Hair Colour

๐Ÿ’—Clothing Materials๐Ÿ’—

Jacket: Black White

Pants: Black, Pink, Cargo, White, White on Black, Black on White

Shoes: White, Black, Cargo

Bag: White/Black

Socks: Cargo, White, Black

Top: Cargo, White, Black

Hats: Cargo, White, Black

Shorts: Cargo, Black, White

Gloves: Black and White

Bandana: White And Black

Jacket Arms: White, Black, Off White, Pale Pink,


Head pat: When someone pats your head your face will go into a comfy facial expression, heart particles will appear <3

Eye Poke: Poke my eye and watch me blink

Nose: Nose Boop with facial animation

Stomach: My tummy moves!

DPS: Mouth, Left Hand, Right Hand, Br****, and the obvious. Open close toggle <3

Cloning System: Deadrith

FBT Ready: Tested 10/10

Phys Bones: Where Expected. for that booty/breast jiggle. Hair movement,

Custom Facial Gestures: 7 Different Gestures

Body and Face: Body and Face Resculpt for that Unique look

PBR Texture Setup

๐Ÿ’— Rules ๐Ÿ’—

- DO NOT leak, trade, upload for a friend, split the price, resell the avatar or redistribute

- YOU may NOT: upload this model to other accounts or use parts of this model for commercial use this is for PRIVATE use only

- DO NOT make changes of my work and turn the avatar around to resell.

- You MUST enter your Discord ID, VRChat name in order to purchase.

- If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatar you must purchase/download from the original creators the list can be found below in the credits section.

- No refunds. If you purchase the asset and the transaction is completed, the order is finished!

๐Ÿ’—Import As Followed ๐Ÿ’—

- VRCSDK (Not included)

- PoiyomiPro 7.3.046 or newer (Not Included)

- Arktoon (Included)

- If you want to use DPS on the avatar you must import the RalivDynamicPenetrationSystem (not included) Please download LeeLeeDPS Package

- LeeLeeByPeakReality

- Open the OPEN ME! scene located in the Main Assets folder (LeeLee) and your ready to upload, if the metals are showing pink just click the material and change it to Arktoon - opaque - and it will fix itself

If the Materials are Pink make sure you have imported the correct poiyomi.


Body/Head/Socks: https://zinpia.gumroad.com/ Sugs#9795 - Resculpted by PeakReality - Absolutely NO reuse

Body Texture: https://zadespace.gumroad.com/ Zade#1752

Hair: https://compelledink.gumroad.com/ CompelledInk#1062 - Edited By PeakReality

Bodysuit/Top/Fishnets: https://nauukivrc.gumroad.com/ Nauuki#5353 - Textures Edited By PeakReality

Hoodie: https://flexuh.gumroad.com/ flexuh#0001

Pants: https://kc3d.gumroad.com/ KC#5344

Bag: https://alces.gumroad.com/ Kyushi#2500

Hat/Visor: https://hayweee.gumroad.com/ Hayweee#1999 -Textures Edited By PeakReality

Earrings: https://aantara.gumroad.com/ Aantara#1337

Shoes: https://crabman823.gumroad.com/ crabman823#8389 - Textures Edited By PeakReality

Pasties: https://halies.gumroad.com/ Halies#0010

Shorts: https://okra.gumroad.com/ Okra#1126 - Textures Edited By PeakReality

Glasses: https://froujee.gumroad.com/ frog#3079

Bandana: https://gashina.gumroad.com/

Cloning: https://dreadrith.gumroad.com/ Dreadrith#3238

Menu Icons: https://negi1216.gumroad.com/

Photos by - Daddy River#6666
Dancers - Peakreality#5481, VEDO#3089, Channah#1987
Recording - Akii#9999

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